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Regina "Honey" H, Independent Clinician,International LE, Certified Paramedical Skin Revision Therapist 


Regina "Honey" is an Internationally licensed esthetician with over 13 years in the skincare industry. She is certified in the latest & most innovative treatment devices within her scope of practice; Microcurrent, Thermolo, Microdermabrasion, Skin Revision, Rezenerate, LED, & CIT. Her passion is in educating clients on their individual skin needs & her practice is focused on specialized aging, anti-aging and acne treatments.  


 LUXE HAVEN Aging & Acne Aesthetics specializes in treatment specific services for aging and acneic skin conditions. Our approach is providing non-invasive treatments that deliver visible results immediately and progressively. Our treatments and facials require little to no downtime, allowing clients to stay active and go out to showcase their flawless & healthy skin.

We provide skin services for clients who don't want invasive treatments as with seeing a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon BUT want advanced facial treatments other than what is offered at the traditional salon or day spa.


My acne clients are those who seek an alternative to precription oral & topical medications. With our customized acne facial treatments you will achieve progressive & noticeable results, restoring the health of your skin and your confidence. Get an acne treatment plan that is tailored specifically to your grade of acne and your lifestyle. The approach is to treat all of the signs of acne including the scars & pigmentation through use of paramedical & professional products, treatment protocols, safe & innovative devices, and a customized  at-home treatment plan. Clients who have present medical intervention may also benefit from our treatments as we will develop a synergistic plan that will offset the skins' side effects from prescription medications used to treat acne such as dryness, flakiness, dehydration, blackheads, etc.


Today, many of us (both women & men) are concerned with visible aging and want to prevent or reverse the signs of aging. Preventing and correcting the signs of aging can be effectively achieved without having to undergo major surgery or experience excessive downtime from medical chemical peels and fraxel laser treatments.


Our facial treatments are a combination of innovative safe Medical I devices, facial techniques, customized products, and a personalized at-home regimine. Maintenance is essential to preserving the results achieved and maintaining healthy & youthful skin. We offer treatment packages with discount incentives & rewards earned to use towards product purchases in order to promote longevity of our collaborative youthful & healthy skin success! 


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