Why acne scars form

Scars form when the skin, in a desperate attempt to heal itself, produces lots of collagen in the effort to compensate for the lack of normal skin functioning, and to fill in the gaps in tissue that are caused by the infection. This type of scar is usually raised. Acne "pit" or "pock" scarring occurs from the actual destruction of the tissue during the inflammatory process. Cystic acne is almost always associated with scarring. Credit:Mark Lees Skincare Beyond the Basics

How to Prevent Acne Scars

Avoid picking!

Stop touching your face too often as you may be depositing dirt & bacteria from your hands onto your face. 

Get acne specific facials to regulate oil & kill bacteria & prevent acne scars

Have a professional skin specialist to recommend or prescribe the right acne treatments at the start of acne to prevent acne scars

Keep the skin clean but do NOT over cleanse. Being too rough on acne skin can cause acne scars to develop. 

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