"Failure is not important, how you overcome it is"

Nick Vujicic

Since I started Luxe Haven Aging & Acne I knew I wanted to offer clients advanced facials & I thought that meant also focusing on bringing in the newest & latest facial treatments on the market. But, oh how mistaken was I! So here's the big FAIL that I had to experience in order for me to stumble upon a DIAMOND in the rough.


I sought out to bring on a new "professional" acne treatment and their products that promised "miracles" and caused me to doubt my own acne treatments that had already been proven and had delivered great results time & time again.


The course & products were very costly both upfront and as a result of the unpleasant results from the treatments performed. (losses from me having to correct the issues) WHAT A FAIL!


Fortunately, the course DID include factual & very informative skin science information as well as dermatology textbook & manual assignments. I later realized that my investment wasn't a complete waste at all! Because I am devoted to investing in my professional growth annually, I really want to make sure I get the most out of these investments.

When I was finally able to "cool off" I saw the gem through it all. Although I discontinued carrying & promoting their products & treatments in my clinic, I did gain 2 MAJOR take aways:

  1. Microcurrent technology; a treatment that most of my clients discovered me by & what I am a specialist in, IS my gem, as it is a perfect treatment for aging skins but also for ACNE skins! I had previously only focused on giving the treatment to my clients with aging concerns, until I learned a more in depth science of Microcurrent & its healing & anti-bacterial properties.

  2. OXYGEN!!! I wasn't doing many oxygen treatments prior to this "course" but since I've begun to incorporate oxygen in most of my clients facials now, I see greater skin improvement, an overall healthier appearance, & great feedback from clients who are now always requesting their "bubbles" during their facial.

Micorcurrent + Cupping & Caviar Oxygen

“I am a fan of the microcurrent facial & suction that Regina did on me. My husband swore I had medical work done & now he goes to Regina for these facials. LOL.”

— Barb Logan, St Louis, Mo

Ready to 




"I get microcurrent facials from Luxe Haven on a regular basis and they are amazing! While I know she does wonders for acne, Regina is also a pro with helping to stave off aging. Thanks!"

— Kristi C, Kirkwood, Mo