Has your acne medicine stopped working? & now your skin is dry, itchy, flaky. Here's why

What's the deal! You've committed to a strict acne regimen and you're following all of the steps, while faithfully staying hopeful that you FINALLY have a cure to your acne madness!

You chose the medical route to "fix" your acne with the hopes of having the clear skin results you've dreamed of to happen as soon as NOW! Oftentimes when medications are prescribed, they are prescribed in a ONE SIZE FITS ALL approach.

Unfortunately acne is one of those tricky conditions that needs a customized treatment approach opposed to a ONE SIZE FITS ALL protocol. The trigger that may be causing your skin to be excessively oily and congested can be greatly different to what is causing the same excessive oiliness in another persons acne condition. Therefore, the ONE SIZE FITS ALL acne system will either work briefly and then stop working or make matters worse altogether.

Some of the reasons that acne medicines stop working, and in many cases cause the skin to become irritated, dry, flaky, red or with rashes; is due to water loss in the skin. This water loss is called transepidermal water loss or TEWL. The results of TEWL is skin that is red with inflammation, really dry in some areas & often time excessively oily elsewhere, extremely "SENSITIVE" & irritated, or flaky. Also during this time, these symptoms will be misdiagnosed as Rosacea. So what is happening in the skin? Many acne medications purpose is to go in and "kill" all of the p.acne bacteria. Unfortunately the medicines may kill both good & bad bacteria and during this process the PH level is at one of the highest "drying" and "burning" acid levels. So, you can see why there's a water loss. Why does this matter? Because the skin needs BOTH water & oil to function optimally. Also, when there is no water, there is a lack of oxygen flowing within the skin & body which means this is now a breeding ground for acne TO THRIVE!

So what can you do to get your acne under control ONCE & FOR ALL?! You have to have a balance of products that contain acne banishing ingredients and products that provide the right amount of hydration and know in which order and how often to use them based on your specific acne condition & triggers. If you need professional help, consider a licensed skin therapist or esthetician who specializes in acne conditions. Schedule a consultation to have a thorough skin analysis that will help to determine what is causing your acne and get home care recommendations suitable for your specific needs. Also, getting regular acne facials & chemical peels will help greatly as they are customized for your skin, and you actually have someone who is providing hands on deep cleansing treatments to quickly regulate your skin and get your acne & congestion under control. This approach is highly effective and less expensive than some costly doctor visits and long term medications or invasive lasers. If you suffer from extreme cystic acne with painful blister breakouts, you should consider seeing a dermatologist as medical intervention is usually necessary for these acne cases. One final piece of advice is to promote drinking water daily and LOTS of it if you want clear & youthful skin.

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