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Customized Facials

Not sure what you need? Start here. Our customized facial is customized by our skin expert to address your skin concerns.

1 Hour

$150/ New Clients

$125/ Existing Clients

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Our Thermolo device removes milia, skin tags, blemishes, sun spots, & cherry angiomas with little downtime, no scars, & little discomfort

$125 per 30 minutes

Filler Facial

This is our anti-aging facial on steroids! Poly-lactic acid mask + Stem Cells to plump the skin, reduce lines & wrinkles by 30%, brighten the skin, & tighten, tone & lift.

Series of 5

90 Minutes

$700/ Existing Clients

Microcurrent + Cupping

Lift, tighten, tone, smooth, sculpt and rejuvenate the skin with this Ultimate anti-aging facial treatment. Not suitable for pregnant, active cancer, heart issues, metal implants.

75 Minutes$145/ Existing Clients


Microneedling corrects acne scars, deep lines & wrinkles, & pigmentation skin issues. Not suitable for active acne, rosacea, thin skin, or extreme loss of elasticity.

1 Hour

$295/ New Clients

$250/ Existing Clients 

Calm Down Facial

This facial is perfect for sensitive skins, rosacea, and grade III+ acne. Includes botanical skincare, LED therapy, & Oxygen.

1 Hour

$100/ New Clients

$80/ Existing Clients


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