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Why do I have acne as an adult?

Adult acne can be frustrating & a journey to resolve. Hormonal changes, stress, improper products & usage, and other factors can cause adult acne. Our treatments give an alternative to oral prescriptions or work in conjunction with oral treatments to balance your skin & treat the aesthetics; scars, clogging, spots, & other problem areas. There are several types of acne so we design treatment for your specific condition. Treatment facials may require several sessions and is well worth it to be patient for lasting results.

Will blackheads cause acne?

While blackheads are not a sign of acne, the buildup of blackheads & its oils may become impacted in the pores causing inflammation or even discomfort. Also, over time your pores may begin to become enlarged. Consider having our Enzyme & Extractions treatment to deep cleanse your pores.

I moisturize but my skin is still really dry

Lack of exfoliation & water, product buildup, and  use of unprofessional or low quality products can all be the cause of dry skin. Consider getting regular facials with deeper penetrating exfoliation, hydration serum infusion, and moisturizers that are designed to retain moisture on the skin.

I'm still young & want to keep my skin youthful forever

While the joys of being young is to live carefree, enjoying the outdoors & soaking in the sun, it is important to start NOW using professional skincare & beauty products as they are designed to defeat many environmental aggressors & promote healthy skin. Having a professional esthetician to assess your skin reguarly will keep you on track with maintaining youthful skin.

I used to worship the sun. How can I reverse my sun damage ?

Start with frequent visits getting our facial infused with Vitamin C to brighten the sun damaged spots (hyperpigmentation), exfoliation treatments to shed dead skin cells & restore new fresh skin, and hydrate with antioxidant serums & moisturizers. A specific at home care treatment plan will be prepared.

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NOTE: Aging is most attributed to extrinsic (external or environmental)  factors over intrinsic (internal or heredity). Sun, pollution, waste, smoke & smoking, poor skincare habits & diet or nutrition, stress, and overall health.

Age Prevention Tips

Daily SPF!!!

It is said that the NUMBER 1 age prevention method is the use of a daily SPF. Exposure to the sun along with environmental aggressors can speed up the aging process more rapidly than normal aging. Daily protection is recommended to wear on the face, neck & decollete'. Studies have shown a significant difference in age progression amongst identical twins and use of sun protection with professional skincare products.

H2O Hydrate with Water

Be a lover of water XOXO! Hydrating internally helps to balance your skin and allow it to retain its own moisture. Drinking plenty of water; decaf teas, citrus or fruit infused, & plain ole' H20 will keep your skin rejuvenated, clear, smooth & plump, & healthy looking. Regular facials can help regulate your skin's hydration levels and keep your skin youthful.


Antioxidants shield the skin from environmental elements that cause skin breakdown & rapid aging. Today's technology allows skin professionals the capability to infuse the client's skin with antioxidants to penetrate deeper for longer lasting protection, hydration, stimulation of collagen, and more radiant skin. 

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