What is it?

Micro current uses low level electrical amps; that mimics the body's natural currents, to stimulate the skin's collagen and increase ATP muscle productivity. ATP is Adenosine Tri Phosphate is referred to as the "current o life". The long term and most consistent form of energy or ATP synthesis is generated in the mitochondria of the cell and is sometimes referred to as the aerobic pathway, as it requires oxygen for the synthesis process to be complete. The more aerobic exercise that one performs has an impact and effect on how rapidly the body, especially the muscles, can use oxygen and therefore synthesize ATP. We refer to our Microcurrent Facials as "yoga" for the face as we are re-educating the muscles to lift, tighten, & tone the skin.


Who is it for?

Micro current is perfect for those needing a quick lift to make the skin and eyes look more alive & awake. This is also a progressive treatment in which a Series of 10 - 15 may be recommended in order to achieve lasting results. This is a natural and safe procedure that requires no downtime and is most relaxing. Those seeking a facial that can deliver immediate & noticeable results in skin tightening, line smoothing, increased hydration, and a more toned face. 

Note: Not for pregnant, cancer, heart issues, acne

What to expect?

The goal of a micro current facial is to improve muscle tone in order to increase skin's elasticity, lift, tighten and tone the skin. Most clients experience relaxation and fall asleep during a micro current facial session. Though rare, experiencing dizziness (light-headiness) during the 1st visit or during a visit when the client has not eaten may arise. 

Please view our Before & After photos

Most clients have a goal to improve their skin by reducing the appearance and signs of aging and doing progressive micro current sessions is highly recommended. 

Micro current is especially favored by clients wanting a same day treatment for special occasion events, where they look well rested, glowy, and healthy.

& Do I need more than 1 treatment?

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