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Get Rid of Acne

What are the BEST ways to get rid of acne? Here's some of the TOP treatments that have proven to deliver clear skin results quickly and with long-lasting results: (note: acne is unique & results will vary).

  1. Oxygen facials don't get the attention it deserves when it comes to treating acne, but it has shown the BEST results when used in both home care products and in spa facial treatments.  

  2. Chemical peels are a must when it comes to correcting acne and treating the scars left behind ---but the RIGHT chemical peel has to be taken into consideration. TCA, Jessners, & blended peels are the most advanced and will give the BEST results very quickly. 

  3. Healing skincare should be priority -- over the use of drying & acidic acne ingredients during the 1st phase of acne. Healing the skin before aggressively treating it will guarantee clearer skin faster and will long-lasting results.

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