Overnight Peels

Our overnight peels are applied to be left on the skin for 8 -12 hours. Depending on how many layers are applied, you should expect to experience mild to heavy flaking for 3-10 days. These peels are not suitable for New clients, pregnant, Accutane, highly sensitive or fragile skins/clients.

What is the difference in a leave on peel & one that is removed in the facial? The leave on peels allow the peel ingredients to be time released into the skin so not to work too harshly & so to penetrate slowly & deeper. Most leave on peels are a combination of ingredients such as a blend of Glycolic, Salicylic, Lactic, Rescorcinol. Most in treatment chemical peels that are removed are usually the above ingredients applied as a standalone & not blended to treat a specific condition such as Salicylic for oil or Lactic for hydration.

Do you offer any pregnancy safe peels or exfoliation? Yes! Our enzyme peels and beta acid peels are considered pregnancy safe exfoliation. We also recommend treatments that don't increase heat in the skin due to the fact that most pregnant women experience skin discoloration during their pregnancy due to the hormonal state in which the body is in. This discoloration is known as Melasma or the pregnancy mask. We also offer a full line of pregnancy safe at home skincare products.

How many chemical peels do I need to help clear my acne? We recommend a Series of acne treatments that will include a combination of BOTH chemical peels & acne healing facials. We have a 98%+ Success rate with our acne clients in our 6 Month Acne Program. The program includes 6-8 acne treatments and your full acne home care products for $150 per month. The program will balance, heal, kill acne bacteria, revise the skin from acne scars & discoloration, and greatly improve the skin overall.

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