Should you see a Dermatologist or an Esthetician or BOTH?

When looking for someone to help you correct skin conditions such as acne or the signs of aging, knowing your professional options is one important task.


Of course, people with breakouts automatically think that they need to make an appointment with their dermatologist and get prescribed topical or oral medication to eradicate the acne as quickly as possible.


There's another professional to consider if you're looking for a less invasive approach and in need of someone who will actually remove the blackheads and decongest your skin, and that is THE ESTHETICIAN.


Now, we're not talking about just anyone who is licensed in esthetics, but one who is certified and specializes in skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, hormonal acne and more.

This esthetician will have had specialized training throughout their career that enhances the education of their initial license.


Be sure to ask or check for credentials & advanced certifications when choosing a acne specialist esthetician.

the dermatologist


Specializes in skin disorders & skin diseases

Can prescribe stronger medications to treat skin conditions of many kinds

Knowledgeable about longterm treatment options & care for internal issues causing external skin issues

Can perform removals of abnormal growths or impactions within & beneath the skin

Can perform deeper chemical peels & laser treatments; downtime required & usually lasts up to 2-6 weeks

Can treat acne scars with injectables & needling up to 5.0mm


Wait time for an appointment could be months

Does not perform skin treatments to remove blackheads or decongest the skin

Possible Side effects from oral medications and topical medications 

The esthetician


May specialize in specific skin conditions such as acne

Knowledgeable about products & ingredients and the benefits for specific skin conditions 

Will perform a facial treatment to remove impactions, purify the pores, rehydrate the skin, and minimize acne and acne scars

Can perform professional grade & some medical grade chemical peels; moderate to little downtime

Can treat acne scars with collagen induction needle therapy up to 2.5mm


Appointment wait times for a really good esthetician 

Does not treat Grade IV acne+ 

Does not do injectables unless dually licensed as a RN & have a MD on staff

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