What causes acne?

Acne is a disorder of the skin made evident by forming papules, comedones, inflammation accompanied with cysts, and increased sebum. The p.acne bacteria is the primary bacteria that causes acne vulgaris.

The most common form of acne is Acne Vulgaris which is the most common cause of acne in teenagers during the onset of puberty. The hormones causes stimulation of the oil gland produces an excess of sebum in the skin.

Here's some factors that cause acne:

  • Hereditary; genetic trait

  • Hormonal; pregnancy, menopause, puberty, contraceptives, menstrual period How to treat hormonal acne 

  • Cosmetics (acne cosmetica) ; triggered by comedogenic (clogging) & irritating ingredients . This includes makeup & hair products

  • Diet; high trans fats, fried foods, high sugar, & in many cases dairy. Also, eating foods that you may actually have an underlying allergy to, can create "acne like" conditions on the skin.

  • Folliculitis (ingrown hairs keratinized within the hair follicle); can cause acne due to the follicles becoming inflamed & causing a bacterial infection

  • Stress; stress releases a stress hormone that weakens the cells that support the immune system and may cause acne or cause acne to persist.

  • Increased sebum production; those who produce a lot of oil due to genetics may experience having acne for longer periods of time. They will need to use products specific to their skin condition to control the oil production. Why oily skin should always wear moisturizer 

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