"According to Joanna Vargas, an esthetician to the stars, among her regular clients are Charlize Theron, Julianne Moore, Sofia Coppola and Madonna. Her spa is swamped right before the Oscars or any other major awards show."

While many people are just being introduced to Botox and dermal fillers, a great number of celebrities are resorting to natural, less invasive facial procedures. The resurgence of the holistic approach and the uncertainty of long term effects have prodded a shift in the beauty mindset. Microcurrent nonsurgical lift is now gaining ground, particularly to known show biz personalities. By: Glenora Frayna - @inquirerdotnet




                                 WHAT IS MICROCURRENT?



Safely tightens the muscles of the face, instantly lifting, toning and even BRIGHTENING & Hydrating the skin.

Microcurrent is a safe treatment that uses a low level current through metal probes to stimulate the ATP (energy cells) to produce collagen and elastin (prevents water loss, plumps, hydrates, strengthens) in the skin. Microcurrent re-educates the muscles of the face helping to tighten, lift, contour and tone the skin with visible results following one treatment.



All skin types. Dry skin. Dull skin. Acne skin. Aging skin. Sagging skin. Uneven skin tone skin. 

Microcurrent facials help to prevent and correct the signs of aging but Microcurrent is also good for skin healing and decreasing inflammation & swelling in the skin which means that Microcurrent also has its benefits for acne skin. 

Microcurrent facials are ideal for clients who are considering a surgical facelift but also interested in alternative non-invasive procedures. While Microcurrent results are cumulative, the many other added benefits makes this treatment worth it to commit to regular treatments as it will definitely deliver noticeably healthier & more youthful skin that people WILL ask, "have you done something different or new?"


Microcurrent is a safe treatment with no downtime, no pain and is perfect for for Special Occasions or clients who need to reapply makeup. However, microcurrent contraindications are for those who:

  • pregnant

  • heart problems/pacemaker

  • seizures

  • severe migraines

  • vertigo

  • high blood pressure

  • large metal implants

  • frequent cold sores

  1. Light metallic taste in your mouth & increase in saliva

  2. Light Muscle movement

  3. Light optical lights flashing when treating the eye area (depuffs & brightens the eyes)

  4. Relaxed or sleepy 

  5. 35 minutes to 1hour depending if you've added Microcurrent to your facial or just an express service

  6. Microcurrent Costs: $85 Express $100-$150 for 1hour


Is Microcurrent safe? Yes. Microcurrent is safe for those who don't have any contraindications (listed above) to this particular treatment. It is non-invasive with a history of restoring muscle memory for athletes, stroke patients, bell palsy patients and aging skin being used within the cosmetics industry since the late 80's.

What results can I notice & how soon will I be able to notice results? Most clients notice immediate results with seeing that their skin is firmer, more awake & lifted, overall healthier and smoother texture.

How long does the results last? Microcurrent delivers incredible cumulative & progressive results with a Series of treatments which allows for longer lasting results. One treatment usually delivers results that lasts 6-10 weeks. This is the treatment to consider if you're wanting healthier & more youthful skin that builds more permanent results.

How many years younger can I look if I get these facials very regularly? Microcurrent works with your natural aging process but it will eliminate the other external ageing factors that play a role in expediting the signs of ageing such as toxins, environmental aggressors, stress, strained facial movements and other lifestyle factors. This means that you will look younger due to avoiding these external factors from accelerating your aging process. Many people prefer Microcurrent because it is not invasive, has no downtime, no pain and delivers an overall very healthy & smooth skin.


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