We at Luxe Haven Aging & Acne Aesthetics specialize in advanced facial treatments with innovative & non-invasive technologies. Our mission is to help our clients maintain healthy skin through acne management treatments & professional skincare with active ingredients, age prevention treatments, and age correction non-invasive facial treatments and peels. 

NOTE: This is NOT a spa. Private solo skin therapist 2 Room private skin clinic.

MO.Licensed, ITEC Qualified to practice in 8 Countries, LE, CMA. 


The goal is to offer one on one personalized skin services in a private & specialized setting. While the space is not a high traffic spa, you will experience  luxury facial treatments including the MOST POPULAR & #1 in Microcurrent facials in St Louis, Mo. You will be introduced to NEW treatments that are sure to deliver the best RESULTS to our clients!


We are not stuck with Brand protocols such as franchise & large spas, giving us the ability to take annual advanced trainings & offer the most advanced treatments in this clinic. Our approach is to offer non-invasive, progressive NOT aggressive skin treatments for age correction & acne skins.


The treatment rooms are beautifully decorated to offer a very relaxing experience and are equipped with the latest skincare modalities. BOOK your facial TODAY:-)

                            Our Treatments

Advanced Acne facials | Advanced Age Management facial treatments |  Microcurrent facials | Acne Treatments | Sculplla Filler FacialS | Milia Removal | LED light Therapy | Rezenerate Nano Facial | Acne Chemical Peels | Microdermabrasion | Collagen Induction Therapy | Extractions | Acne scar Skin Revision | Oxygen Facials | Deep wrinkles revision

What To Expect

What to Book 

As a new client with skin corrective skin concerns we recommend that you book our NEW CLIENTS Skin Consultation. This is an important first step to helping us understand your skin needs & goals. We offer 2 New Client Consultations; (1) 25 minute thorough skin analysis, current home care review, diet & lifestyle review, and a understanding of what your ultimate skin goals are.(2) A full consultation and a 50 minute initial facial treatment. *Please note that we will not provide a consultation with our other services even as a NEW CLIENT. 


Tell us what your overall skin goal is & we will give our professional in clinic treatments & home care recommendations to help you achieve your goal. In clinic treatments & proper homeware go hand in hand, so please make arrangements to also purchase Professional customized home care products ( average costs vary from an additional $100-$300 for healing & skin revising home care products during the course of your series of in clinic treatments). 

Initial Facial Treatment

 Cleanse, Exfoliate, Removal (blackheads, congestion, etc), Heal (Mask or LED light therapy), Protect (hydrator + SPF)

Home care

Our professional home care products are designed to penetrate the skin & deliver nutrients and ingredients to the cells of the skin which will produce noticeable results to your skin condition more quickly. Unlike 98% of OTC (over the counter skincare) that's designed to only sit on the surface of the skin, our medical & professional grade home care products are made with smaller molecules that can penetrate the pores of the skin and distribute our technology high performance ingredients within the structures of the skin to repair and eliminate damaged cells that are lodged within the follicles, causing impactions, & holding cell toxins and waste. Your in clinic treatments are an investment & results are MOST guaranteed with a combination of treatments + proper home care.

Book your future treatments

Most skin revision goals will require multiple treatments at weekly or bi-weekly intervals. We offer our clients Series Packages with a discount for your commitment to attaining your skin goal. We highly recommend scheduling multiple future appointments to avoid not having availabilities on our appointment book. Once we achieve a more healthier skin for you, maintenance appointments will be key to healthy skin for a lifetime. 

Noticeably healthier skin, restored confidence

NOTE: possible skin purging may occur following your 1st acne treatment & highly recommend a 2nd treatment at 2 weeks.  

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